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Your first choice for comprehensive, personalized care from a trusted provider, virtually or in person.

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A relationship for your whole health

When you see the same primary care doctor for years, they get to know your health history, including what illnesses you’re prone to and medications you’re taking. They’re best suited to treat your overall health needs. A primary care doctor can also:


Care for you and your whole family

A primary care doctor is sometimes called a primary care physician or PCP. You can think of them as your first line of defense when you or a loved one isn’t feeling well. They’re also who you’ll see for preventive services, like annual checkups. Many are considered family doctors and can treat children, adolescents and adults. 

Primary care doctor highlights


Low cost for personalized care

Average wait time

30 minutes


Virtual, in-person or by phone

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Just log in to your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan online member account. Then, look for “Doctor’s Office” and choose “Find a PCP” to start your search.


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Find a doctor online

You can use your online account to find a doctor who:

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Choosing a PCP can help you stay healthier

How selecting a PCP can help your short and long-term health.

Staying healthy with a PCP
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Primary care doctors: What matters most to you

What to consider when selecting a PCP.

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The many types of primary care doctors

Which type of primary care doctor is right for you?

The types of primary care doctors

Please note: You should not use a primary care doctor for medical emergencies.

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