About the BCBSM Foundation

Our mission is to support health care research and innovative programs designed to improve the health of Michigan residents.

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Vision and values

Our vision

Michigan’s population will receive improved health and access to quality high-value care. The Foundation will be a leader in fostering the development of socially responsible and innovative solutions to critical issues that affect the health of Michigan residents.

Our values

  • Commitment to quality performance
  • Honesty, integrity, collaboration and teamwork
  • Effective and efficient use of resources
  • Excellence in programs, grants and communications
  • Advancing health equity and eliminating health care disparities

Past and present

Our past

In 1980, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan created the Michigan Health Care Education and Research Foundation, with $800,000 in seed money, as a supporting organization to conduct and fund research directed at cost containment and quality of care. Since then, the Foundation’s assets have grown to more than $60 million through over 40 years of grant making.

The history of the Foundation speaks to the Blue Cross social mission — increasing access to affordable health care, enhancing the quality of care patients receive and improving the health of Michigan’s citizens and communities. Since our beginning, the Foundation has served as a catalyst to encourage the dissemination and utilization of insights gained from our funded projects. Over the years, the Foundation has provided nearly $64 million in grant funding from an initial endowment of $20 million.

Our present

Now known as the BCBSM Foundation, our grant funding helps improve our community’s capacity to conduct research and implement and evaluate community inspired programs that improve health. This increased capacity is key to discovering innovations to improving health outcomes in our state and access to quality high-value care for all Michiganders.

2023 Community Impact Map

Who we are

Meet the teams of people in charge of running funding programs for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Current reports

2024 Grant Highlights (PDF)
2023 Annual Report (PDF)
2023 Financial Statement (PDF)

Archived reports


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