Blue Cross Coordinated Care

The Coordinated Care Portfolio is tailored to deliver personalized care management, clinical guidance and customer service solutions to make your employees’ specific health care challenges easier.

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A new level of personalization and support

Let's build the right combination of care management and customer service solutions for your organization's specific needs.


Helping employees with chronic or complex conditions


Coordinated Care Core—a solution for all employers 

Comprehensive support across medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical and social needs included with every plan.


Meet the needs of every employee


Coordinated Care Enhanced—a solution for 300+ enrolled contracts

More robust care management and deeper engagement for a greater number of employees.


Provide broader access to clinical support and greater engagement in care management


Coordinated Care Advocate—a solution for 300+ enrolled contracts

Access to Care Advocates to assist your employees with clinical needs and questions.


Simplify and personalize the health and benefits experience for all your employees


Coordinated Care Advocate Plus—a solution for 1000+ enrolled contracts

The next generation of customer service. Advocate Plus provides a high-touch, simple and personalized benefits experience.

Hear what members are saying

Blue Cross member Alma talks about her experience with Blue Cross Coordinated Care program and how it changed her life.

A video about a member's care management experience.


Want to learn more about Coordinated Care?

To learn more about the Coordinated Care Portfolio and how it could benefit your organization, reach out to a Blue Cross representative today. GET IN TOUCH

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A portfolio powered by technology

Blue Cross Coordinated Care is powered by advanced technology to deliver your employees a streamlined, personalized experience.

Member Snapshot
The Member Snapshot provides Blue Cross with a comprehensive, personalized view of each member using a cloud-based data and informatics infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics generate proactive recommendations based on care gaps and other advocacy and health care journeys.

BCBSM Coordinated Care App
Offers personalized recommendations, simple connections to care teams and curated health and benefit content to support your employees’ needs.

Integrated Suite of Digital Tools
Our integrated suite of digital tools, through a Blue Cross member account at and the Blue Cross mobile app, allow users to search for health care providers, review their benefits, estimate costs and research sites of care.


Have questions about Coordinated Care?

To learn more about the Coordinated Care Portfolio and how it could benefit your company, reach out to your Blue Cross representative today or visit our FAQ page.