Coordinated Care Enhanced

This new offering from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan® is for groups of 300+ looking for a care management program that targets more of their member population than our Core program.

Enhanced overview

A new offering from Blue Cross Coordinated Care℠ provides a next-level option to deepen the engagement of your employees and covered family members. Enhanced expands on Core by targeting more members, reducing the high-cost claimant threshold and providing member engagement guarantees. It’s also available at a lower price than our premium Coordinated Care programs.

With Enhanced, a team of specialists, led by a nurse care manager, provides more of your eligible employees with a much deeper level of support and personalization. Those with complex medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical and social needs have clinical needs far beyond treatment and our team of specialists will be there to help address those needs.

What can Enhanced do for you?

Blue Cross Coordinated Care Enhanced℠ expands on Core by providing care management for a greater number of your population and includes:

  1. Expanded targeting includes polychronic and complex medical conditions, high-risk pregnancy, frequent emergency room visits and emerging high-risk employees.
  2. Reduced dollar threshold for claimant reviews, meaning a greater number of your employees will have access to care management. 
  3. Guidance for the most appropriate coverage care through eligible employee benefits, programs, providers and resources. 
  4. Enhanced reporting provided quarterly and guaranteed engagement of 2% of the member population. 



A journey through Enhanced

Maria is a Blue Cross Coordinated Care Enhanced member. See how her Enhanced coverage provided continual and robust care during her high-risk pregnancy.


Robust coverage

Maria has been identified as having a high-risk pregnancy by her doctor. She is a Blue Cross Coordinated Care Enhanced member. She texts her care team through the BCCC app for answers to questions she has regarding the health of her baby.

Continued support

Maria’s care team sets up a call to discuss and educate her on high-risk pregnancy. They explain when to call her provider and signs she should be looking out for, including the importance of follow-up.

Holistic care

Maria receives communication from her care team after the birth of her child. They check-in to make sure she’s doing okay physically as well as mentally.

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Ready to get Coordinated Care Enhanced?

For more information, contact your BCBSM representative today. 

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A portfolio powered by technology

Blue Cross Coordinated Care is powered by advanced technology to deliver a streamlined, personalized experience to your employees.

Member snapshot
The Member Snapshot provides Blue Cross with a comprehensive, personalized view of each member using a cloud-based data and informatics infrastructure.

Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics generate proactive recommendations based on care gaps and other advocacy and health care journeys.

BCBSM Coordinated Care app
Offers personalized recommendations, simple connections to care teams and curated health and benefit content to support your employees’ needs.

Have questions about Coordinated Care Enhanced?

To learn more about Enhanced and the other Coordinated Care offerings, reach out to a BCBSM representative today or view our FAQs.

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