Coordinated Care Advocate Plus

The Coordinated Care Advocate Plus offering is here to simplify and personalize the health and benefits experience for all your employees. Through Advocate Plus, your employees will be more engaged with their health, benefits and available programs than ever before.

Advocate Plus overview

The Coordinated Care Advocate Plus offering builds upon Coordinated Care CoreCoordinated Care Enhanced and Coordinated Care Advocate and provides an integrated, digitally enabled clinical and servicing solution for your employees and their families. The Advocate Plus offering goes above and beyond the traditional transactional customer service model to address every health care need. Through Member Advocates, who provide proactive recommendations and deeper integration between programs and benefits, your employees will be taken care of better than ever before.

Member Advocates are the next generation of customer service. They understand the benefits and programs available to your employees and use that knowledge to provide a high-touch, personalized experience. Member Advocates are trained and empowered to address the needs of your employees, eliminating their hassles, and resolving all questions and needs - leaving them with no homework. This approach not only simplifies the health care and benefits experience, but also drives greater engagement and utilization of benefits. 

With Advocate Plus, Blue Cross will also perform outbound engagement to help close important care gaps. This outbound engagement helps provide your employees with an enhanced, personalized customer experience which leads to better health outcomes.  

What can Advocate Plus do for you?

Here's what you can expect with Advocate Plus:

  • Advocates do the work for you to make your life easier and simplify the health care and benefits experience for your employees and their families
  • A simplified experience for your employees to drive higher satisfaction
  • Greater employee engagement and utilization of benefits for better health outcomes and reduced spend
  • Group-specific cultural training
  • Customized virtual self-management education
  • Engagement data integration with non-Blue Cross vendors



A journey through Advocate Plus

Jenny is a Blue Cross member. She is pregnant for the first time and experiences complications during the second trimester which is diagnosed as pre-eclampsia.


Quick and easy answers

Jenny uses the number on the back of her Blue Cross member ID card to contact a Member Advocate, Sam, about her maternity benefits. Sam answers her questions and asks her to download the BCBSM Coordinated Care app so he can send her helpful maternity care information.

Care management

After her diagnosis, predictive analytics identify Jenny as a candidate for care management. A Nurse Care Manager named Melissa reaches out and helps Jenny understand what symptoms to watch out for and how to manage risk factors. Melissa also enlists the support of a dietician.

Whole-person support

After having the baby, Jenny deals with post-partum depression. Melissa continues to monitor Jenny’s health and wellness. She locates a behavioral health care specialist to help Jenny. Melissa continues to connect with Jenny through the BCBSM Coordinated Care app to assist with her care needs.

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Ready to get Coordinated Care Advocate Plus?

For more information, reach out to your Blue Cross representative today.


A portfolio powered by technology

Blue Cross Coordinated Care is powered by advanced technology to deliver your employees a streamlined, personalized experience.

Member Snapshot
The Member Snapshot provides Blue Cross with a comprehensive, personalized view of each member using a cloud-based data and informatics infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics generate proactive recommendations based on care gaps and other advocacy and health care journeys.

BCBSM Coordinated Care App
Offers personalized recommendations, simple connections to care teams and curated health and benefit content to support your employees’ needs.

Have questions about Coordinated Care Advocate Plus?

To learn more about Advocate Plus and the other Coordinated Care offerings, reach out to a Blue Cross representative today or view our FAQs.