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Student Award recipient explores key to healthy aging

What are the secrets to long-term health? We all know we're supposed to eat well and exercise. But, as Wayne State University doctoral student Nasim Ferdows has learned, there's a lot more at work.

Ferdows is a 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award Program recipient.

"Different studies have identified different factors that influence aging, each drawing from a different point in life,” Ferdows said. "Inspired by these studies, I hypothesized that it is actually a combination of multiple direct and indirect factors over the course of an individual’s life that determines whether someone ages well or will develop chronic health issues."

Ferdows found that healthy aging actually starts in childhood. Her research could lead to programs that specifically address aging factors at all stages of life. Her goal is to inform the state's policy makers and garner their support for increasing the quality of health for Michigan residents throughout their lives.

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Nine Michigan Organizations Receive More Than $570,000 in Grants to Address Growing Opioid Crisis

Nine community coalitions throughout Michigan will receive a total of $570,400 in funding through the Taking Action on Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse in Michigan by Supporting Community Responses initiative, courtesy of several foundations and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Social Needs and Their Impact on Health Care: Research Identifying Best Screening Methods

If you had nowhere to sleep tonight, would eating well and exercising be at the top of your priority list? The answer is likely no. Social circumstances negatively affecting health isn’t a new idea, but addressing those unmet social needs is increasingly recognized as a critical component of effective health care delivery.

Grant Will Help Grand Haven Clinic Patients with Medication Adherence

For people trying to manage their illnesses alongside complex life circumstances such as homelessness, unemployment or stress and anxiety, adhering to a proper medication schedule often isn’t their most pressing concern.

Alpena Non-Profit Helping Employees Improve Their Health

The Alpena-based non-profit was established in 1968 to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities in the community. NEMROC manufactures various wood-based products and vinyl chair mats, employing 135 people.

A Closer Look at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation

Along with the employees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan who answer customer phone calls, investigate health care fraud and pave the way for technology innovation, there’s an entire team dedicated to improving the quality, cost and access to health care—the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Upper Peninsula Program Helps Kids Smile

Kids in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula often have a hard time keeping their smiles healthy. They’re at a much higher risk of dental disease and tooth decay due to limited access to fluoridated water and topical fluorides, widespread poverty, and a shortage of dentists in their area.