Our mission is to support health care research and programs to improve the health of all Michigan residents.

Who We Are

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation is a nonprofit organization with more than 35 years of grant funding experience.

We began in 1980 with $800,000. Three years later, we received $19.2 million from Michigan doctors to help further our cause. Today, we have roughly $60 million in assets.

We support diverse research and projects, earning a reputation for excellence in health philanthropy. We also support efforts to control the rising cost of health care through research, demonstration and evaluation projects. Our grant funding has resulted in improvements to patient safety, as well as the quality of care and access to care for Michigan residents.



Michigan residents will enjoy improved health and access to cost-effective, quality care. We’ll be a leader in fostering solutions to critical health care issues.


  • Commitment to quality performance
  • Honesty, integrity, collaboration and team work
  • Effective and efficient use of resources
  • Excellence in programs, grants and communications