Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge

You and your coworkers can join our Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge

Thank you for participating in our spring 2022 Win by Losing competition and for making healthy changes

We’re proud of your commitment and we’d like to recognize each of our teams and every person who took part in Round 26 of our competition. You’ve taken steps to improve your health and that’s a reason to celebrate. Congratulations to everyone!

This round’s competitors have worked hard and it shows on the scale with a combined weight loss of 4,327 pounds. Since we launched the competition in 2009, participants have lost a combined total of more than 204,000 pounds.

We’d also like to celebrate the teams that landed at the top of our leaderboards in each size category:

  • 10 and under participating employees: Freudenberg Slimpossible
  • 11 to 29 participating employees: Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies LaGrange Slimmer-Rings 
  • 30 to 59 participating employees: Eagle Technologies
  • 60 or more participating employees: Health Department of Northwest Michigan

You and your teammates have lost weight and gained better health. Winners, give yourselves and your teammates a round of applause for losing the largest percentage of weight in your category.

Join Virtual Well-Being

Until our next round, you can join the Blue Cross Virtual Well-Being℠ sessions each Thursday for the Drop 5 Weight-Loss Community. You’ll receive a tip to help you lose weight and a time to share scale and non-scale victories. You can register now.

Important dates

  • Registration: September 1 through September 16, 2022
  • Competition begins: September 19, 2022
  • Competition ends: November 18, 2022

Check for more details in August. We hope to see you on the roster, ready to be our next Win by Losing champions.

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