Tobacco Cessation Program

If your BCN Qualification Form shows you use tobacco, enroll and participate in monthly Tobacco Coaching calls, powered by WebMD®, to maintain enhanced benefits.

no-cost training

Tobacco Coaching

To keep, or return to, enhanced benefits of your Healthy Blue LivingSM HMO plan, join the telephone-based program, Tobacco Coaching, powered by WebMD. Otherwise, you’ll have standard benefits, with higher out-of-pocket costs, for the rest of your plan year.

  • 12-week window for coaching and support

  • Includes five calls with a health coach

  • Set a quit date during your first call

  • Call 1-855-326-5102 to schedule your first call

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Backup support

Lifestyle Coaching

If you don’t agree to set a quit date during your first coaching call, or don’t quit tobacco after five Tobacco Coaching calls, the Healthy Blue Living plan requires you to enroll in Lifestyle Coaching in order to maintain, or return to, enhanced benefits of your Healthy Blue Living HMO plan.

  • Telephone-based program

  • Participate in one call a month

  • Stick with it until your qualification form shows you no longer use tobacco

  • Call 1-855-326-5102 to get started

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How the tobacco cessation program works