FEP Virtual Meetings

Service Benefit Plan and Blue Care Network webinars give our members access to important health care information.

Custom webinars for members

We can meet with your employees to provide important information on their health care plans. We offer the following webinar topics.

Your coverage fits your lifestyle

Discover the value of your Service Benefit Plan or Blue Care Network coverage, including extensive access to doctors, specialists and hospitals. 


Get personalized support and savings

Learn about the exclusive benefits you get with your coverage, including:

• Financial incentives
• Discounts
• Wellness and care management programs
• Online resources
• Customer service support


Prepare for your health care future

After you retire, we still provide you with the coverage you need. We'll explain how the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program coordinates with Medicare, and we'll give you the information you need to choose the right plan.



Whether you're ready to retire or change your lifestyle, we have a webinar that can help you reach your goals. Sign up for a webinar and learn new ways to stay healthy and save money while using your health benefits.