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Save for your health care

Health savings account, or HSA, plans are sometimes called high-deductible health plans, but that isn’t what they’re all about. These plans include the option to add an HSA, which can help you take more control of where your health care dollars are going. A health savings account is one of three kinds of health spending accounts.

It can be intimidating to leave a plan design that you’re used to. Though you’ll have a higher deductible than you would with a traditional plan, you’ll have a lower monthly premium. And you’ll still get access to the same networks and negotiated rates that you would with our other plans. Let us show you what HSA-compatible plans can do for you.

The transition to an HSA

The difference between a stressful experience with an HSA-compatible plan and a pleasant experience can come down to your attitude. An HSA can help you save for your health care so that you can be prepared when you have to pay your bill. And when you know how your plan works, you will always know what to expect.

Let’s take a look at how two sisters, Peggy and Lauren, handle their first year in an HSA-compatible plan.

This infographic can show you how a health savings account works.

Peggy and Lauren’s journey

So you have an HSA-compatible plan. What happens if you need a new monthly medication? Or you need a surgery? How do these experiences differ from a traditional plan? Peggy and Lauren’s first year with the HSA-compatible plan highlights the major differences.

See their journey

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Our health plan advisors can explain how HSAs can work for you. Click the picture below to watch the video.

 Our health plans advisors can tell you how an HSA works with individual plans.