We offer HMO and PPO Medicare Part C plans for Michigan residents.

2015 Medicare Advantage Plans

Do you want more benefits than you get with Original Medicare? Like the security of knowing there's a limit to what you pay for medical expenses? A Medicare Advantage plan could be a good fit. You can choose a complete insurance package with the convenience of one ID card for all services.

Medicare Advantage plans are a lot like the health insurance you may have had before becoming eligible for Medicare. In general, the more you pay for your monthly premium, the less you'll pay when you need care. That makes your expenses more predictable if you use your insurance a lot.

What kind of coverage do you need?


If you:

  • Are healthy and don't take prescriptions
  • Want the basics and lower monthly payments

Light plans may be a good place to begin.

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If you:

  • Visit the doctor once in a while
  • Want to pay less for office visits and at the pharmacy

A balanced plan could be right for you.

View Balanced Plans


If you:

  • Often need care and medication
  • Want to pay the least at the doctor and pharmacy

An extended plan may protect you best.

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Explore other choices

Don’t need all-in-one coverage? Looking to enroll right away? See our other plans.

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Medicare Advantage plans

All Medicare Advantage plans cover Original Medicare Part A and Part B services. Most include Part D prescription drug coverage. Combined, they form Medicare Part C.

Medicare Advantage Extras   More than Original Medicare

Our Medicare Advantage plans cover everything Original Medicare does. Most also give you benefits Original Medicare doesn't. Depending on the plan, these extras keep you healthy from head to toe, get you to and from doctors' appointments and cover hospital expenses beyond your Medicare limit.

  • Travel benefits
  • Preventive dental
  • Transportation services
  • Additional dental and vision coverage
  • Annual eye exam
  • Hearing aids
  • SilverSneakers® fitness
  • Safety bars

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