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Taking care of yourself

You’ve seen a lot through the years but even still, lately, things feel different. With all the changes, your mental health might not be a priority. Let’s make it one together.
Explore these free services and resources designed to help you be your best self.
on Facebook Live
Enjoy the excitement of these workouts from home. Classes are live-streamed, making your exercise routine safe for you and your friends.
COVID-19 support
Use this self-guided, online experience to gain perspective during these unique times. You can even track your progress along the way.
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Virtual Well-Being
Check out these weekly webinars for a dose of inspiration. Topics include resiliency, meditation, gardening and preparing healthy meals.

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Getting help when needed

You might be a superhero to loved ones, but sometimes the human side of you needs a little help. Your plan gives you access to mental health services – so you can speak to someone online, over the phone or in person. It’s your pick. And right now, these services are $0 for Medicare Advantage members.*
*State of Michigan and Michigan Public School Retirees: This page offers helpful resources but should not be a substitute for what your specific plan covers. Please refer to either or for your benefits related to COVID-19. Medicare Supplement members: If you’ve purchased a Medicare Supplement plan outside of an employer, please log in to see your out-of-pocket costs.
COVID-19 Crisis Hotline
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, isolated or just need to talk, call this number to speak with an experienced advocate:
Crisis Hotline: 1-833-848-1764
Referrals for Online Therapy
For information on providers who offer online group therapy and support, contact:
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage members (PPO): 1-888-803-4960
Blue Care Network Medicare Advantage members (HMO): 1-800-431-1059
Blue Cross Online VisitsSM
You can have a virtual therapy or psychiatry visit from your smartphone, tablet or computer:
schedule an appointment
Include your Enrollee ID when you sign up so we can make sure your coverage applies correctly.

Find a Mental Health Provider Near You

Your online member account can show you mental health providers in your area that accept your plan.

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Once you log in, scroll down to the Behavioral and Mental Health section and choose Find Providers.

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Connecting with loved ones

By now you’ve likely heard that wearing a mask and social distancing – or, standing at least six feet apart – is critical to lowering your risk for COVID-19. But being physically distant doesn’t mean you can’t emotionally connect with those you love.
Check out these resources for tips on how to stay in touch during the pandemic.

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