What are preferred pharmacies?

Who is this for?

Learn more about prescription drug and pharmacy coverage.

If you want to save money on prescriptions, go to a preferred pharmacy. We'll explain what that is and how you can find one.

When you have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage with us, we give you ways to lower your costs. One way you may be able to save is by using a preferred pharmacy instead of a standard pharmacy.

What's the difference between preferred and standard?

A preferred pharmacy offers a lower copay for covered drugs than a standard pharmacy.

Take a look at what you can save with this example, based on our 2018 BCN Advantage℠ HMO-POS Classic plan.

Standard pharmacy Preferred pharmacy
Tier 1 Preferred generic drugs

30-day supply: $6

90-day supply: $18

30-day supply: $1

90-day supply: $3

Tier 2 Generic drugs

30-day supply: $12

90-day supply: $36

30-day supply: $7

90-day supply: $21

Tier 3 Preferred brand drugs

30-day supply: $43

90-day supply: $129

30-day: $38

90-day supply: $114

Tier 4 Non-preferred drugs

30-day supply: 45%

90-day supply: 45%

30-day supply: 45%

90-day supply 45%

Tier 5 Specialty drugs

30-day supply: 33%

90-day supply: N/A

30-day supply: 33%

90-day supply N/A

How do I find a preferred pharmacy?

To find out which pharmacies near you are preferred, you can:

  • Look in the Find a Pharmacy tool. Preferred pharmacies will be labeled as preferred after the contact information is shown.
  • Ask your pharmacist.
  • Call the Customer Service number on the back of your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan ID card and we'll help.