What's BCN 65SM?

Who is this for?

This explains BCN 65, one of your options if you're shopping for a plan that helps pay for costs Original Medicare doesn't cover.

When Original Medicare is your health insurance, you're responsible for sharing the cost. You have to pay an amount called a deductible before Medicare starts paying for services. If you end up in the hospital, after 60 days you pay around $300 per day — and that amount increases the longer you're there. For other medical services, Medicare usually pays for 80 percent of the cost and you pay 20 percent. Your share of those amounts is called coinsurance.

BCN 65 is a plan from Blue Care Network that pays your Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. Because it has different rules, we can't call BCN 65 a Medicare supplement plan. But that's how it works.

BCN 65 is an HMO plan. When you get your health coverage from an HMO, or health maintenance organization, you choose a primary care physician from the plan's network. That doctor coordinates all your care and refers you to other doctors when needed.

You can buy BCN 65 if you meet all of these requirements:

Here's a comparison of BCN 65 and Medicare supplement plans. You can also learn more about BCN 65 from the plan coverage (PDF). It shows you how much BCN 65 pays for services covered by Medicare.

Comparison of BCN 65 and Medicare Supplement plans
Plan categories BCN 65 Medicare Supplement
Medicare Part A and Part B is your primary health coverage Yes Yes
Monthly payment you have in addition to your Medicare Part B premium $212 a month. Payment varies and can be based on your age, gender, health status and more.
Network In most cases, your plan only covers care from doctors and hospitals in our network except in an emergency. You can see any doctor who accepts Medicare.
Copay for doctor office visits You pay $10 for some office visits. Some supplement plans have doctor office copays; some don't.
Part D prescription drug coverage No No
Routine dental, vision, hearing coverage No No
Pays for emergency care outside the U.S. Yes Some supplement plans cover this; some don't.