How Can I Reduce the Mail I Receive About My Medicare Plan?

If you're getting too many documents in the mail about your Medicare plan, there are a few things you can do to reduce the clutter.

There are some documents we're required to send by mail. When we can, we send just one copy to a household if there's more than one Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan member living there. But sometimes we're required by law to send a letter or document to each person.

Get your explanation of benefits online

You can opt out of receiving a mailed copy of your explanation of benefits by signing into your online member account and using Paperless Options.

There, you can turn paper delivery on or off. You can also view your electronic EOBs within your account under the claims menu.

Sign up for a digital Medicare account

Every October the government mails the "Medicare & You" guidebook. It details Medicare options and any changes that have been made to the program.

You can sign up for an account with to receive an online version of this handbook instead of a paper copy each fall.

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