What if I Have Coverage Other Than My Blue Cross Medicare Plan?

If you have health coverage through another plan or through a spouse's plan, call the number on the back of your member ID card. A Medicare Advantage plan replaces Original Medicare. 

Medicare Advantage plans

Individual plan

If you bought your Medicare Advantage plan, you can't have coverage from any other Medicare Advantage plan. 

Employer plan

Some employer Medicare Advantage plans allow some coordination of benefits with other health coverage. If you have two health plans, there are coordination of benefit forms you'll need to complete.

Please call your plan's administrator to find out about coordination of benefits. Your plan administrator is the person designated to enroll employees, or former employees, in insurance plans. 

Medicare supplement plan

Medicare supplement plans only work with Original Medicare and Part D prescription drug coverage. 

Part D prescription drug plan

A Part D prescription drug plan can be paired with Original Medicare and with some employer Medicare Advantage plans. 

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