What's BCN 65?

BCN 65SM is a Medicare HMO plan from Blue Care Network. It pays for your Original Medicare deductible and coinsurance. It works like a Medicare supplement plan, but it has a few different rules.

Who's this plan for?

You can buy this plan if you're 65 or older and enrolled in Original Medicare.

It's a good fit if you want:

  • predictable health costs
  • hospital coverage that exceeds Medicare's limits
  • a primary care physician who coordinates all your care
  • coverage while traveling throughout Michigan, the U.S. and abroad

You can learn more about BCN 65 from the plan coverage (PDF).

Are prescription drugs covered?

No, but you can also enroll in a Medicare Part D plan to help pay for your prescription drugs.

How much does this plan cost?

We don't base what you pay for this plan on where you live or other factors. Each plan member pays the same amount, which can change each year.

In 2024, the monthly premium for members with BCN 65 medical coverage is $212, effective Feb. 1.

What are the copays?

A copay is a fixed amount of money that you pay when you receive a health care service, such as a doctor’s visit. Your copays with BCN 65 are:

  • $10 for most doctor office visits
  • $50 for each emergency room visit, which is waived if you're admitted

How can I apply?

Send us this completed form:

BCN 65 Enrollment Form (PDF)

Membership — Mail Code C411
Blue Care Network
P.O. Box 5043
Southfield, MI 48086-5043

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