Beginning in 2014, if you buy your own health insurance and aren’t eligible for Medicare, you might get help paying for your health plan. This help is called a subsidy. You can use our estimator to find out if you’re eligible. Learn more about subsidies.

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Disclaimer: This tool estimates the financial assistance that might be available to individuals who purchase coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Results are based on the annual income you enter. On the Marketplace, your modified adjusted gross income will determine your level of assistance. Results for the Advance Premium Tax Credit subsidy are based on national estimates for 70 percent actuarial value plans from the Congressional Budget Office, adjusted for premium inflation and age rating. This tool is meant to be educational. The information it provides is based on the most current health care reform legislation as of June 18, 2013. You shouldn’t consider it legal or tax advice. Any tax information provided is not intended to be used and cannot be used to avoid penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.