What are the NPI reporting instructions for hospital psychiatric and rehabilitation units?

Many hospitals are enumerating their Medicare-exempt psychiatric and rehabilitation units separately from the hospital. Currently, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan pays for psychiatric and rehabilitation services under the hospital's facility code. If hospitals have obtained separate NPIs for these units, they must register those NPIs with our Provider Contracting department and with EDI.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will associate the NPIs for the hospital rehabilitation and psychiatric units with the existing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan facility code of the hospital. Psychiatric and rehabilitation units in a hospital are not separately contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. As a result, the hospital NPI will be returned on checks, vouchers and 835 electronic transactions for psychiatric and rehabilitation claims.

If hospitals haven't reported their psychiatric and rehabilitation NPIs to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, please register with us. If you have questions about how to register your NPIs with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Provider Contracting department, please call 1-800-777-2118.

You are also required to update your Trading Partner Agreement for the EDI Clearinghouse. If you have questions on how to update your TPA, please call EDI at 1-800-542-0945.

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