Medical Drug Prior Authorization

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If you're a physician looking to get medical drug prior authorization through Provider Secured Services, this information will tell you which forms you'll need to fill out.

You can use our online tool if you're a doctor who needs to get prior authorization for specialty drugs.

Please note: DME, Billing Services, Immunization Pharmacies, and Home Infusion Therapy don't qualify for Medical Drug Prior Authorization and shouldn't apply. You must bill using your Professional Provider Codes.

If you're already signed up for Provider Secured Services and you'd like access to Medical Drug Prior Authorization, please fill out Addendum P (PDF).

If your office has a Provider Secured Service account but you need a login ID, please fill out Medical Drug Prior Authorization application (PDF).

If no one in your office has access to Provider Secured Services, you need to fill out both the Medical Drug PA application (PDF) and the Use and Protection Agreement (PDF). Submit both documents to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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