For providers: How can I get prior authorization for a medical drug?

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If you're a doctor prescribing a specialty drug that requires our approval, you can log in to Provider Secured Services and request authorization.

When a patient needs a specialty drug and we need to approve it first, you can ask for authorization online in Provider Secured Services. Look for the link to Medical Benefit-Medication Prior Authorization on the home page. Here's how to make sure you have access.

What you need to request medical drug authorization

First, the request must come from a medical doctor. The doctor can practice in an office or a facility.

Then, we need one or two forms before you ask for authorization for the first time.

  • If you already use Provider Secured Services, we need a copy of this form: Addendum P (PDF). Just fill it out and mail or fax it to us. 
  • If your office or facility has never used Provider Secured Services: You'll need to sign up. This article has the instructions and forms. Be sure to check Medical Drug PA in Section 6 when completing the application.

Who can't access medical drug authorization

If you're one of these providers, you can't request authorization. The patient's doctor must do that.

  • DME
  • Billing and insurance services
  • Immunization pharmacies
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Ambulatory infusion centers
  • Home infusion therapy

If you need an approval date or authorization number for the claim form, contact the doctor prescribing the drug.

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