Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Board of Directors FAQ

Who is this for?

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This information can help you if you’d like to know more about our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Board of Directors and how to apply.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Board of Directors has 35 members. Our President and CEO holds one management seat. 

The board's annual meeting is held each year in May.

What are the mission and tasks of the board?

The board of directors oversees the strategy and performance of the company. The goal is to fulfill the Blues’ mission to be a trusted partner to our members. 

The board is organized into the following committees.

  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Nominating and Governance
  • Audit
  • Health Care Delivery

There are also subcommittees and advisory committees as needed.

Directors serve three-year terms. Their terms begin and end on the annual meeting, which takes place before June 1 every year. The board meets at least seven times a year.

What's the application and election process?

Any Blues member can apply to be considered for the board of directors. Directors are nominated based on one of the five component types. 

  • At-large
  • Individual and small group
  • Management
  • Provider
  • Labor

Independent director selection councils review the applications and create a list of qualified candidates. That list of recommended candidates goes to the nominating and governance committee, which creates a list for the board of directors to approve. Mutual members can vote at the annual meeting.

If you'd like to apply to the board of directors, fill out an application and disclosure statement and send to:

Corporate Secretary
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
600 E. Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226

Applications received by December 31, 2017, will be considered for the 2018 election cycle.