What's the 1095 tax form for health insurance?

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If you're wondering what the 1095 tax form is, and what you need to do when you receive it, you can learn more here.

The Affordable Care Act requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance.
This form serves as proof to the IRS that you had coverage.

There are three versions of the 1095 form: 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C.

What is the 1095-A form?

The government will send you a 1095-A form if you bought 2016 individual health insurance from the marketplace at healthcare.gov.

Find out more about the 1095-A form here.

What is the 1095-B form?

We'll send you a Form 1095-B for health coverage if you bought your health insurance directly from us and didn't go through healthcare.gov, or if you got your Blue Cross coverage through your employer.

Learn more about the 1095-B tax form here.

What is the 1095-C form?

If you work for a large group employer, they may send you a 1095-C tax form, depending on what health insurance coverage they offered to you.

For more information, call your tax advisor or go to irs.gov.