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For people who buy their own health insurance, this answers questions about taxes and fees you pay for health coverage.

When you receive a bill from us, or get a quote for a plan, you'll see a line for federal and state taxes and fees. This amount may include up to seven different taxes and fees.

Where did they come from? Two are paid to the State of Michigan. The others were established by the Affordable Care Act to support health care reform. Some of the taxes and fees:

  • Raise money to support the individual health insurance market
  • Help fund the state and federal insurance marketplaces
  • Assist research that compares how well different medical treatments work

This FAQ explains these taxes and fees. It'll also help you understand what you're looking at when you use our Health Insurance Taxes and Fees Estimator. The estimator shows you a breakdown of the individual items included in the amount you'll be paying. Please note: It gives estimates for taxes and fees on your medical coverage only. If you have dental or vision coverage, it won't be included in the estimate.

These federal and state taxes and fees don't apply to Medigap plans.

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