Health Care Partnerships

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's partnerships improve health care throughout Michigan.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we give a whole new meaning to the saying "there's safety in numbers."

Through our health care partnerships, we've created several studies, often the first of their kind, that have directly improved Michigan's health care. For example:

  • Through our Value Partnerships, hospitals reviewed processes that are done prior to and during surgery to improve patient safety.
  • The Michigan Breast Oncology Initiative was the first statewide effort to examine practice patterns in surgical, radiation, and medical oncology to improve breast cancer treatment and outcomes.

Here's a brief overview of the organizations we work with.

Value Partnerships

We’re working with doctors and hospitals to redesign the health care system. We’re improving the quality of patient care by:

  • Enhancing clinical quality
  • Decreasing complications
  • Managing costs
  • Eliminating errors
  • Improving health outcomes

Visit the Value Partnerships website to learn more.

Michigan Cancer Consortium

Michigan Cancer Consortium logoThe Michigan Cancer Consortium encourages organizations across the state to work together to reduce the burden of cancer. The focus is on cancer prevention and control. 

Visit the Michigan Cancer Consortium website for more information.

Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium

Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium logoThe Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium’s goal is to improve the quality of health care services by making them consistent and evidence-based. 

The Consortium creates treatment guidelines for common conditions. It also tracks how often health care professionals use those guidelines. Common conditions include diabetes, asthma, depression, heart failure and tobacco control.

Visit the Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium website for more information.