What are some tips if eSettlements isn't working right?

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Try these tricks if your eSettlements account is giving you trouble.

If your eSettlements account is giving you trouble, you can try some of these tricks to get it back on track.

There are some tricks you can try if your eSettlements account isn't working like it should. Give these a try before you reach out to your account representative so you both save time. 

  • Take a look at your link. If it says "employee" rather than "supplier," it might not let you sign in. 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan tests our websites on Internet Explorer. If you're using Chrome, Firefox or another browser, eSettlements might not work right. Switch to Internet Explorer if you're having problems.
  • If there's an error message on the login page, you might still be able to log in. Windows 7 sometimes displays an error.
  • Clear your cache or your browsing history. If you need some help, have a look at How to clear the browser cache (PDF)