How do I create a PDF copy of purchase orders?

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Find out how to create PDFs out of purchase orders on eSettlements.

If you're a supplier and you need to create PDF copies of your purchase order within eSettlements, this information can help you learn how.

  1. From the home page, go to Main Menu, Manage Orders, then choose Purchase Orders. Enter your search criteria and choose Search.
  2. Under Purchase Order List, choose the corresponding View PDF button in the far right column. 
  3. You’ll get a confirmation of your request. Choose OK.
  4. From the Administration tab, use the Refresh button until the Status in the far right column goes from N/A to Posted. Then choose the Details hyperlink in the new Details column.
  5. Under File List, choose the link with .PDF as the extension. A PDF copy of your PO should open in a new window.
If you'd like to see screen shots of this process, take a look at Creating a PDF Copy of Purchase Orders (PDF).