How can I view the details of a work order?

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How to view the details of a work order.

If you want to look at the details of a work order, like hourly rate or labor amount, this will tell you how to use sPro to see the details.

  1. From the sPro home page, select Main Menu, then go to Services Procurement and choose View Services Work Orders.
  2. Clear any search criteria. For Work Order Status select Released. Choose Search.
  3. Find the work order you want by choosing the hyperlink under Work Order ID. This will take you to the Cost tab where you should see all of the work order details.
If you want to see timesheet details, follow these steps from the Cost tab.
  1. At the bottom left, choose the View Consumption Details link.
  2. You should see a list of timesheets and expense reports. To see a timesheet detail, choose the hyperlink under Time Report ID. 
  3. At the bottom left, choose Return to: Work Order Consumption to go back.