What can I do if sPro isn't working right?

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Use these tips if sPro isn't working right.

If you're a supplier and your sPro account isn't working right, try some of these tips.

If your sPro account isn't working like it should, you can try a few things. We recommend using these tips before you contact your account administrator so you both save time.

  • Use Internet Explorer as your browser. Since Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan does testing on Internet Explorer, it's your best option when you use sPro.
  • Try clearing your browsing history or cache. For help, take a look at How to clear the browser cache (PDF).
  • If you're using Windows 7, you might see an error message on the login page. You should still be able to log in.
  • Check to make sure the link says "supplier" and not "employee."