How do service providers record the hours they worked?

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How employees can record the hours they worked.

If you're a supplier with service providers (contract resources) you can use this page to find out how they can record their hours. 

EIT services

EIT service providers (contract resources) will use MSP to record their hours. Their manager or team lead will work with them to set up their account. If an EIT service provider (contract resource) is doing non-EIT work, they should still have an MSP work plan. If they don't, they'll need to log their hours in sPro.

Non-EIT services

Non-EIT service providers (contract resources) will use sPro to record their hours. If they are assigned an MSP work plan, they'll need to log their hours both in sPro and MSP.

  1. From the sPro home page, go to Main Menu, then Services Procurement and choose Maintain Timesheets.
  2. Under Available Work Order(s), the Date Range should default to the current week. You can change it if you need to. Then select Create.
  3. For Timesheet Name, sPro will create one for you. Check with your manager to see if they'd like you to name them a certain way. 
  4. Under Report Time for Work Order, you'll see boxes labeled with the day and date. Fill in the hours you worked each day. You can then choose either Save Timesheet to come back to it or Review and Submit.
  5. If you chose Review and Submit, check that the number of hours is correct. If it's right, select Submit Timesheet. If you need to go back and change something, choose Return to Time Entry at the bottom.
Take a look at How to Enter Time into Timesheets (PDF) to see screen shots of the process.

Tip: If your resources's sPro timesheet is still pending when it should be approved, have them email their manager and copy the non-EIT resource email at