How can I view my service provider's timesheet history?

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Learn how to view your contract employee's timesheet history.

If you'd like to view your service provider's timesheet history, this information will tell you how.

sPro sends you email notices of the timesheets of your service providers (contract resources). But sometimes, you might need to view one employee's timesheet history without digging through emails. Here's how.
  1. From the home page, go to Main Menu, then Services Procurement and choose Maintain Timesheets as Proxy.
  2. On the Maintain Timesheets page, the Name and Provider Contact should default to your information. Use the magnifying glass next to Service Provider to find the employee.
  3. From the Look Up Service Provider page, enter the search criteria you'd like to use. and choose Look Up.
  4. Under Search Results, select the Person ID or Name of the employee. The system will return you to the Maintain Timesheets page.
  5. Under Timesheet History, confirm the information, adjust the Date Range and choose Search.
  6. You'll see a list of the timesheets for that employee under Search Results. To see the details of a timesheet, choose the link under Timesheet ID.
For step-by-step instructions, look at the How to view timesheet history (PDF).

Tip: Are you looking for a service provider (contract resource) who isn't associated with you as the provider contact? During step two, the Provider Contact defaults to your name. You can use the magnifying glass to choose a different provider contact.