How do I create an expense report for my service provider?

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How to create an expense report for your employee

If your service provider (contract resource) needs to file an expense report but can't access sPro, this will tell you how to do it for them.

Your service providers (contract resources) are responsible for filing their own expense reports. Find instructions for them on How does my service provider create an expense report? There, you'll find a PDF with screen shots that you can download, email or print and send to your service providers.

If they can't access sPro, you can create an expense report for them.

Note: This process only works when you have an expense line on your purchase order.

  1. From the sPro homepage, go to Services Procurement then Manage Expenses as Proxy.
  2. Under Work Orders, find the correct Service Provider and choose Create in the far right column. Then select Continue.
  3. From the Create Services Expense Report page, name your report in the field for Report Description and choose a Business Purpose. 
  4. Under Add Expense, choose your Expense Type then select Add. Note: Only Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employees can use the “Airfare” selection. For service providers (contract resources), use “Other – Miscellaneous.”
  5. Fill in the following fields with these values:
    • Payment Type = Company
    • Billing Action = Billable
    • Merchant Type = No
    • Preferred Merchant = Leave blank
    • Non-preferred Merchant = Use the name of the restaurant, hotel, etc.
    • Location = Mich
  6. If you need to add more expenses, select another Expense Type and choose Add. If not, select Done.
  7. Choose Save to view the report.
  8. If you have attachments to add, use the Add Attachment link. If you want to edit the report, choose General Report Information. If you’re ready to turn in the expense report, select Submit.
  9. After you submit your report, the system will show you a confirmation with the approver’s name in the box.
If you want to see step-by-step screen shots, take a look at How to Create an Expense Report as Proxy (PDF).