How does my service provider create an expense report?

Who is this for?

If your service provider (contract resource) needs to fill out an expense report, this information will tell them how.

If you have a service provider (contract resource) who needs to fill out an expense report, this information will tell them how.

Your service provider (contract resource) can follow these steps to submit an expense report through sPro.

Note: This process only works when you have an expense line on your purchase order.

  1. From the sPro home page, go to Main Menu, Services Procurement, then Manage Expenses. 
  2. Under Work Orders, choose the Create button to the right of the Work Order you need to bill against.
  3. From the General Information page, enter a Report Description. Then, from the drop down menu for Business Purpose, make a selection. Choose Continue.
  4. From the Services Expense Report Details page, under Add Expense, use the drop down menu to choose the Expense Type and Add. Note: Only Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employees can use the “Airfare” selection. For service providers (contract resources), use “Other – Miscellaneous.”
  5. On the next page, fill in the following fields with these values:
    • Payment Type = Company
    • Billing Action = Billable
    • Merchant Type = No
    • Preferred Merchant = Leave blank
    • Non-preferred Merchant = Use the name of the restaurant, hotel, etc.
    • Location = Mich
  6. Choose Save to view the report.
  7. If you have attachments to add, use the Add Attachment link. If you want to edit the report, choose General Report Information. If you’re ready to turn in the expense report, select Submit.
  8. After you submit your report, the system will show you a confirmation with the approver’s name in the box.
For screen shots with step-by-step instructions, take a look at How to create an expense report (PDF).