How can I record hours for service providers?

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How to record hours for your contract employee.

If your service provider (contract resource) isn't able to record their hours, this information will tell you how to do it for them.

Your service providers (contract resources) are responsible for recording the hours they work. But if they can't, you can do it for them.

  1. From the sPro home page, go to Services Procurement then Maintain Timesheets as Proxy.
  2. Under Create New Timesheet, go to Service Provider. Use the magnifying glass to find your employee. Enter their information and choose Look Up. Then select their name.
  3. Confirm your employee's name and choose Go.
  4. Under Available Work Order(s), go to Date Range and choose the time period. Then select Create in the last column.
  5. You'll see boxes labeled with the day and date. Fill in the hours for each day. Then choose Review and Submit.
  6. If the information is correct, select Submit Timesheet.
  7. You'll receive a confirmation. Once the manager approves your employee's timesheet, they'll receive an email notification.
Take a look at How to Create a Timesheet as Proxy (PDF) to see screen shots.