You should fill out the Provider Secured Access Application (PDF) if you:

  • Already use Provider Secured Services and need to add access for a staff member
  • Skipped this section on the enrollment form
  • Want access to Health e-Blue, BCN e-referral and medical drug prior authorization

Once you're registered for Provider Secured Services, you can use it to submit claims electronically.

Professional providers submit claims using the HCFA form or as 837 professional electronic transactions. They include:

  • Individual practitioners
  • Professional groups of practitioners
  • Allied providers that provide health care services for medical, dental, vision, hearing, behavioral health and other specialties

Facilities submit claims using the UB form or as 837 institutional electronic transactions. They are buildings or institutions where health care services are provided. The facility can be independent or affiliated with a hospital.

If PGIP PA, SAD or PGIP Collaboration site access is needed:

Please contact your PO or OSC Primary contact and have them submit a PGIP application through the PGIP PA Tool. If additional access is needed; HEB, etc., please apply for PGIP access FIRST, then, after receiving ID submit the Provider Services application.