Do you only get payment from us for Medicare crossover claims?

You can use Provider Secured Services to:

  • Register for EFT, or electronic funds transfer
  • View your online vouchers

First you'll need to enroll with us using the Out-of-State / EFT New Provider Enrollment form (PDF). The form includes a section for signing up for access to Provider Secured Services.


Do you get payment from us for Medicare and non-Medicare claims?

If you're one of the providers listed below, called allied providers, you can use Secured Services for EFT and online vouchers, plus patient eligibility, benefits and claims status. 

  • Clinical Independent Laboratory
  • Durable Medical Equipment Supplier
  • Freestanding Radiology Center
  • Hearing
  • Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility
  • Physiological Laboratory
  • Vision

You need to be enrolled with us first to use Provider Secured Services, even if you don't participate with Blue Cross.

Our enrollment forms have a section on them for signing up for Provider Secured Services, where you can also list staff members who need access and what they can access. Not enrolled? 

Allied providers should fill out the Provider Secured Access Application (PDF) if you:

  • Already use Provider Secured Services and need to change who has access, like adding or removing staff members
  • Skipped this section on the enrollment form