What taxonomy codes do I need to include on my electronic claims?

Taxonomy codes are used to classify health care providers according to their provider type or specialty. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is using taxonomy codes to assist in the identification of a provider when they are using one NPI to replace several Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Provider IDs. Electronic claims received for services you normally submit under multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Provider IDs in use today, must contain a taxonomy code, in addition to your NPI, to avoid possible payment delays. This requirement is effective May 1, 2008.

Please view the specific Taxonomy Code Mapping Document to identify the taxonomy code that applies to your provider type and specialty or facility type.

If you have questions regarding the requirement to submit taxonomy codes on electronic claims, please contact your provider consultant.

Instructions for billing electronically using taxonomy codes are found in the BCBSM 837 implementation guides and EDI companion documents. For questions about electronic claims submission, call the EDI help desk at 1-800-542-0945.

Note: The reporting of taxonomy codes is currently not an option for paper claims submission. If you submit paper claims to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, you are required to submit them in a dual-use mode, which means reporting both the NPI and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan provider ID on your claims.