Blue Cross and BCN Health Initiatives

Medicare Advantage tool, Health e-Blue℠

Health e-Blue provides clinical support to health care providers by tracking members’ health information. It offers Medicare Advantage providers consistent and timely health registry, utilization and pharmacy data for members.

We routinely ask health care providers for data. In the past, this required providers to complete paper forms and send them to us. With Health e-Blue, information such as chart reviews and diagnostic codes can be conveniently uploaded electronically.

We encourage eligible providers to sign up now for access to Health e-Blue. It is only available to the following provider specialties:

  • Adult medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Family practice
  • General practice
  • Geriatric medicine
  • Health clinic practice
  • Internal medicine

Registration for Health e-Blue is limited to provider specialties to which members are attributed. Once registered, providers can access information about members who are attributed to them. Attribution is a process in which a member is assigned to only one physician based on the member’s medical claims activity reflecting a primary relationship.

How to register for Health e-Blue

Because Health e-Blue is a web-based tool, it's available through Provider Secured Services. If you haven’t already, register for Provider Secured Services by completing the Provider Secured Access Application (PDF). Make sure you complete Section 5 for Health e-Blue access.