How do I change the providers associated with an ID or e-referral?

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Find out how to change the providers assigned to an ID or e-referral.

If a provider has joined or left a practice or facility, this explains how to update Provider Secured Services IDs and e-referral access.

When you sign up for Provider Secured Services, you control what users can see. Staff can only access information for doctors and other providers listed when you enrolled or filled out a Secured Services application. That's because these providers become associated with IDs. E-referral access for primary care physicians works the same way.

So what happens if a new doctor joins a practice? Or a provider leaves the facility? You can update IDs and e-referral access so users are only seeing information for the right providers.

If you're a billing service

You'll need to send us an updated Addendum "B" form (PDF).

All other providers

To update providers associated with existing IDs, please fill out and fax the Authorization to Modify Provider Codes (PDF).

To update providers for existing e-referral access, please fill out and fax the e-referral Request for Group ID Changes (PDF).