How do I deactivate a Provider Secured Services user ID?

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Learn how to deactivate an ID.

If you have an ID your office or facility won't be using again, this explains how to ask us to deactivate it.

When you sign up for Provider Secured Services, each person designated by the group, office or facility gets an ID used to log in. For security and privacy reasons, users can't take their assigned ID to other practices or locations. Users also can't share IDs.

If you have an existing user ID that no one uses, it can be reassigned to a new staff member. It's faster than asking for a new ID. See How do I get access to Provider Secured Services? to find out how.

But if you're sure you don't need the ID anymore, you can deactivate it. Please send us the following information on your company letterhead. Sorry, we can’t accept it on a fax coversheet.

  • Office name and address
  • The user ID you want deactivated and the user's name
  • Contact person name and email address
  • A short note explaining that you would like the ID deactivated
  • Signature and title of a manager, provider or authorized individual with legal signing authority

Fax the information to 1-800-495-0812.