If you have a Provider Secured Services account, you can simply log in to see if you need a precertification or check on one that you've already submitted.

You can also call our system to reach a representative for the following precertifications:

  • Acute inpatient settings
  • Skilled nursing settings
  • Rehab settings
  • Long term acute care settings

Just keep in mind you'll need to go through the prompts before you're connected to someone who can help.


For hospitals or facilities: 1-800-249-5103


Before you call:


When you call:

  1. Say "eligibility and benefits."
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Your BCBSM facility code or 10-digit national provider identifier 
    • Your specialty
    • The member’s contract number, date of birth, the spelling of their first name and their ZIP code
  3. Listen to the member’s contract information.
  4. Say “cost share and benefits.”
  5. Listen to the member’s cost-share information.
  6. Say the benefit you want to learn more about. You can find a list of options within the Hospitals and Facilities List of Benefits (PDF).
  7. If the benefit requested is for acute inpatient, skilled nursing, rehab or long term acute care settings, say "precertification" when prompted.
  8. Then, when the system asks you if you still need assistance, say "yes" and you will be connected with a representative.