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Healthy Blue FSASM – advantages

What are the advantages of an FSA?

There are numerous advantages to a Healthy Blue FSA. It lowers your taxable income, reducing Social Security, Medicare and federal and state withholding tax. Because FSA contributions lower your taxable income, your net income may increase every month. And your FSA empowers you to know and control your health care costs.

Other advantages include:

  • A single-time, online activation process
  • Online 24/7 account management – Check your available balances, recent transactions and year-to-date information. You may also call the toll-free number on the back of your Blues ID card to get this information.
  • Convenient claims payments via reimbursement or debit card
  • An employer may opt to provide a special FSA debit card to pay for qualified expenses:
    • If your employer offers stacked accounts, such as an FSA with an HRA, the debit card is used for all accounts.
    • You get the convenience of up to four debit cards for use by your spouse and dependents.
  • Dedicated customer service available to answer your questions
  • Complementary services such as our exceptional health and wellness programs, Web resources and member discounts on everything from gym memberships and health programs to alternative therapy. See the Healthy Blue Choices introduction page for more information.