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2020 Medicare Plus BlueSM PPO Vitality

Medicare Advantage plan

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  • If you go to the pharmacy a lot and you want the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, this plan might be right for you.
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About this plan

With this plan, you'll get the flexibility of a PPO network at an affordable cost. You'll pay a little more each month, but you're get the freedom to choose from the largest doctor network in Michigan. Plan benefits include:

  • Coverage beyond Original Medicare
  • Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Routine dental and vision care
  • Blue Cross Online VisitsSM
  • Nationwide access to SilverSneakers® fitness


Plan highlights

Here's what sets this plan apart:

  • $0 medical deductible
  • $100 prescription drug deductible
  • $10 copay for primary care office visits
  • $25 quarterly allowance for over-the-counter items


You can enroll in this plan if you live anywhere in Michigan at least six months of the year. Use these tools to make sure this plan accepts your doctor and pharmacy and is available in your area.

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This booklet explains how to use this plan's benefits. It also lists some of the things this plan doesn't cover.


Medicare rates plans based on quality and performance every year. Called Medicare Star Ratings, these documents show you how well a plan is performing. 

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In network services: $0
Out-of-network services: $65


Most generic drugs: $0
All other drugs: $100

Out-of-pocket maximum

In-network services: $5,000

Combined in- and out-of-network services: $7,100

Optional supplemental benefits don't count toward your out-of-pocket maximum.

Office visits

Primary care physician

You pay $10.


You pay $40.

Urgent care

You pay $50.


Copays start at $0 for certain generic drugs filled at a preferred network pharmacy.

You'll need to meet your $100 pharmacy deductible for drugs on tiers 2-5. Some drugs may cost more if you choose a pharmacy in our standard network.

Find your pharmacy.

Drug list

See if this plan covers your medication. Find your prescription (PDF).

You get more than Original Medicare

All benefits required by Original Medicare and more, including:

• A quarterly allowance for free over-the-counter drugs and health products
• Blue Cross Online VisitsSM
• Part D prescription drug coverage
• Coverage while traveling outside of Michigan with the BlueCard® program (PDF).
• SilverSneakers® fitness program
• Lasik and radial keratotomy for a $40 copay in network.



Looking for extra dental and vision coverage?

You can add an optional supplemental package to your Medicare Advantage plan for an extra monthly cost.
This package will enhance your dental and vision benefits. It offers:

  • Extra coverage for dental work including fillings, fluoride treatments and root canals
  • A generous allowance for elective contact lenses or glasses (lenses and frames)

You can add a coverage package when you enroll in your plan.
Learn more by reading the Optional Supplemental Brochure (PDF)



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