2018 Blue Cross® Medicare Supplement

Plan A

This is our most affordable Medicare Supplement plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It pays most of your share of the costs for Medicare services. This means your expenses are
more predictable since you just pay a monthly premium
for your care.
Is this plan for you?
  • If you only want your out-of-pocket costs covered for basic services, Medicare Supplement Plan A might be right for you.
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If you're currently enrolled in Plan A, you can stay with this plan as long as you pay your premium. You're automatically eligible for Plan A if you’re 65 or older. If you’re under 65, you're eligible for Plan A if you’ll no longer be insured because you’ve become eligible for Medicare — or if you’ve lost coverage under a group policy after becoming eligible for Medicare.

You can also enroll if you had Plan A, then enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, and now would like to return to Plan A. You can do this as long as it’s within the first 12 months of your Medicare Advantage plan. You’ll need to meet these requirements to apply for these plans.