Medicare Advantage plans are popular but they're not your only choice. Our other plan options may interest you. You pay a monthly premium for these plans. These plans pay most of the costs you share with Original Medicare. They may include other benefits too, like coverage for emergency care when you're traveling.

Keep in mind these plans don't include coverage for Part D prescription drugs or routine dental, vision or hearing services like exams and hearing aids.

Blue Cross® Medicare Supplement plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Check out these plans if you want:

  • To worry less about paying for unpredictable medical expenses.
  • Hospital coverage that continues after your Original Medicare limit.
  • The freedom to go to any doctor who accepts Medicare.

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2018 MyBlueSM Medigap plans from Blue Care Network

Check out these plans if you:

  • Want additional coverage that helps pay out-of-pocket costs.
  • Want to go to any doctor in the country who accepts Medicare.