Health Management Programs

Keeping up with your health is important. That’s why we offer resources to help you take care of it. Whether you’re looking for ways to better understand your health or you just need a ride to the doctor, these programs can help.

Programs for all members
HMO and PPO Medicare members can get a detailed health profile with this online assessment.

Health assessment

Do you know how healthy you are? Your health assessment can help you find out. You'll learn about your health risks so you can talk about them with your doctor. 

PPO and HMO Medicare members can use BlueHealthConnection to manage their care.

Blue Cross® Health & Well-Being

Blue Cross® Health & Well-Being can help you stay well, get better or manage an illness. Resources are available 24 hours a day, every day. Log in to your account at and click on the Health & Well-Being tab, then WebMD, to learn more.

We have programs to help PPO and HMO Medicare members with chronic conditions.

Chronic condition management

If you're dealing with an illness like diabetes or heart disease, chronic condition management can help. Our licensed nurses work with your doctor to improve your quality of life.

Learn more about the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program.

Diabetes Prevention Program

If you're a Part B member at risk for Type 2 diabetes, you may qualify for a program to help you lose weight and make healthy choices at no additional cost. Find out if you qualify.

Programs for BCN AdvantageSM members
Many HMO Medicare members can get help making doctor's appointments and more with our concierge service.

MyBlueSM Concierge

Have you ever wished for a personal assistant to help with your Medicare plan? Good news. If you're a BCN AdvantageSM member, your MyBlue Concierge will explain your benefits, schedule appointments and more.