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You get special discounts as a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network. We offer these through our Healthy Blue Xtras℠ and Blue365® programs.

Healthy Blue Xtras makes it easier and more affordable to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can get exclusive savings on products and services from companies across the great state of Michigan.

Healthy Blue Xtras - Healthy Living - Member Discounts

Blue365 is our program that helps you find health and wellness information, support and services from national companies that have a presence in Michigan. You'll find coupons and discounts from hundreds of places.

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These products and services aren't plan benefits. They aren't offered or guaranteed as part of our contract with the Medicare program and aren't subject to the Medicare appeals process. If you have any problems or questions with one of these products or services, please contact the company directly.

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