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Low-Income Subsidy Premium Charts

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If you qualify for extra help paying for prescription drug coverage, you can use these charts to find out what you'll pay each month for our plans.

If you're struggling financially, you might qualify for a Low-Income Subsidy to help pay for your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. This is sometimes called Extra Help.

The charts below show what you'll pay each month depending on the plan you have and the level of Extra Help you get.

To read these charts, you'll need to know your plan name and what percentage of the Low-Income Subsidy you get: 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent or 25 percent.

Find out more about the Low-Income Subsidy and how you can get help paying for Medicare in our Help Center.

Plan name Low-Income Subsidy chart
BCN AdvantageSM HMO-POS and HMO plans
BCN Advantage Low-Income Subsidy Table (PDF)
Medicare Plus BlueSM PPO plans
Medicare Plus Blue PPO Premium Summary Table (PDF)
Prescription Blue PDPSM plans
Prescription Blue PDP Options A or B Premium Summary Table (PDF)

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