If you’re injured, you might end up off of work while bills come in from your recovery. LifeSecure Accident Insurance can help you deal with some of those costs.

  • There's no medical exam or other requirement to sign up. You just need to be between the ages of 18-74. It’s guaranteed renewable until the age of 85.
  • Choose your deductible of either $0 or $500.
  • Accidental Death coverage for all family members is included – at no additional cost
  • You choose an annual benefit bank amount. If you get any benefits for a calendar year, then on Jan. 1, your benefit bank returns to the full amount.
  • LifeSecure has an online budgeting tool that can help you decide the amount of your annual benefit bank based on how much you want to spend.

How personal accident coverage works

Say you broke your ankle during a snowmobiling trip. You can use your personal accident benefits to help with these costs. You chose a benefit bank amount of $10,000 with a $500 deductible. 

$8,800 (covered expenses, after adjustments and discounts) – $500 (personal accident deductible) = $8,300 (payout to you)

Your annual benefit bank would have $1,700 left until Jan. 1.


Want to learn more?

Watch this video from LifeSecure to find out how a personal accident plan can help you cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

To get more information, call a health plan advisor at 1-855-288-6721 or contact your insurance agent.

Policy Form Series # LS-AC-0003 LifeSecure Insurance Company based in Brighton, MI, is an independent company that doesn’t provide Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan products or services. LifeSecure is solely responsible for and underwrites the accident coverage. This insurance policy has exclusions and limitations. Contact your insurance agent for benefit information. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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