If you have a hospital stay, your medical insurance helps cover those costs. But after you’re home, you might have additional expenses from your recovery that you hadn't planned for. LifeSecure's hospital recovery insurance can help cover some of those costs.

  • Your benefit payout after an inpatient hospital stay comes directly to you.
  • You choose your daily benefit amount. You'll receive that amount for each day you were in the hospital, up to 30 days. 
  • Your annual benefit bank is equal to your daily benefit amount multiplied by 30. If you collect any benefits during the year, then on Jan. 1, your benefit bank returns to the full amount.
  • LifeSecure has an online budgeting tool that can help you decide your daily benefit amount based on how much you want to spend.

How hospital recovery insurance works

Say you’re in the hospital for four days for knee replacement surgery. You chose a daily benefit amount of $500 for an annual benefit bank of $15,000.

$500 (daily benefit amount) x 30 (maximum days) = $15,000 (in your annual benefit bank)

You would receive $2000 for your inpatient hospital stay and your annual benefit bank would have $13,000 remaining. On Jan. 1, it'll return to $15,000.

$500 (daily benefit amount) x 4 (days hospitalized) = $2,000

$15,000 (annual benefit bank) – $2,000  (payout to you) = $13,000 (remaining in your benefit bank)

Want to learn more?

Watch this video from LifeSecure to find out how a hospital recovery plan can help you cover your additional expenses after your hospital stay.

To get more information, call a health plan advisor at 1-855-288-6721 or contact your insurance agent.

LifeSecure Insurance Company, based in Brighton, Michigan, is an independent company that doesn’t provide Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan products or services. LifeSecure is solely responsible for and underwrites the hospital recovery coverage. This insurance policy has exclusions and limitations. Contact a health plan advisor or your insurance agent for an Outline of Coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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